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Free Wig Program | African American Wigs

February 23 2020 – Barbara Snowden

Free Wigs for Alopecia Patients | African American Wigs

Free Wigs for Alopecia Patients | African American Wigs

Free reduced cost wigs for african american women


The core of our mission is to assist as many women– an underserved demographic – as we can, through our Free Wig Program. AAW's goal was to give others hope and make them feel beautiful and whole. The program offers a supportive hand during an already troubling time. Our wish is that our recipients hear the words “you are cancer free” from their doctors and continue on their life journey.

Accepting applications NOW!!  Our program is scheduled to launch April 2020. Supplies are limited and distribution is on a first-come-first serve basis.  This program will only be successful through our communities' support, so please donate and share this email.

If you would like to donate a NEW wig, headwrap and/or hairpiece, please send your donations & contact information to:

African American Wigs
c/o Free Wig Program
307 E Main St
Humble TX 77338


Eligibility Requirements:

  • You are 18 years of age or older
  • You are personally undergoing treatment or have finished treatment (within 10 months) for a cancer or you have been diagnosed with Alopecia.
  • You are a citizen of the United States.
  • Only one application per person/facility can be accommodated.
  • Referred by a medical professional who signs and submits medical proof or prescription for need of wig piece.
  • If you have received one (1) Wig Donation within the calendar year.


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