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Rock This Pixie | Dedra Wig Review [VIDEO]

December 31 2019 – Barbara Snowden

Dedra Wig Review by Still Looking Good

Dedra Wig Review by Still Looking Good


Hello ladies! This is still looking good, the channel that reviews wigs for the mature woman.Today I'm coming to you with a wig that is sponsored by Africanamericanwigs.net. They specialize in wigs for women 55 and over, so go check them out! Today's wig that they sent me is by Bobbi boss, it's called Dedra and it is a human hair wig so we are going to take a look at this week and do some manipulation and see what we come up with. Okay, so stay tuned okay ladies.

Human Hair Wig Review

The first thing I wanted to show you is how cute this wig is.  It's short in the back and longer in the front and very very curly. It has an adjustable strap in the back but it has no combs so just be aware of that there are no combs and there is something interesting about this wig that I'm going to tell you about in a second. Here is the wig on the mannequin head it is very curly as you can see again on the mannequin head and when I turn it around you're going to notice something, there is no lace to cut and there's no lace part now you may really like the fact that there's no lace to cut because I know that can be a problem. But there is a way that you can make this work, even though there's no real part there and I'm going to show you how to do that.

I rather tell you how to do that in just a second, so all is not lost if you want to part in this hair You can definitely get one so let me tell you how you can go ahead and do that.


Okay ladies here I am in Dedra that I have styled.  Let me tell you a little bit about this wig. As you saw in the video,  it has no lace in the front and it has no lace part, so there are several things that you can do and I also showed you in the video of how you can kind of pull it apart and maybe make a part by either pulling some hair out of it and putting some powder in. Or you can just put some powder in. The other thing you can do is make bangs you can just kind of cut it and make bangs. What I ended up doing was just putting a little bit of baby here in the front and then just kind of putting some mousse in it to volumize it, a little bit, and some hairspray that

might be something that you want to do. It's very very curly, as you saw in the video, and here's a little bit of it in the back very very curly wig and it's cute a human hair wig kind of a pixie look.  I kind of was thinking it was kind of a pixie look but it's really really cute and it would be great for

Everyday.  Again most of the hair is in the front so you're either gonna make bangs are you going push it out of your face like I did and just kind of volumize it. So I'm going to put all the information about this week in the description card for you I want to thank African American wigs again for sending me this wig.

And as I mentioned, to you in the beginning of the video they cater to women who are 55 plus,  who are wanting to wear your wigs, so go and check out their site. Again as I always like to say if you're going to show love to anyone today please show it to the Creator!  I'm still looking good and of course so are you see you next time

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