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African American Wigs and How to Choose the perfect Wig

January 03 2021 – Barbara Snowden

African American Wigs

African American Wigs

How to choose the perfect wig during your cancer recovery

Losing your hair due to cancer treatment can be very upsetting. This could be because your hair is your favorite feature or a major part of your identity and losing it makes you feel you are losing a part of your image. This feeling can affect a person’s self-esteem but in truth, it doesn’t have to. With the help of a fitting wig, you can regain your confidence and even feel beautiful throughout your journey. 

Choosing a wig can also become a therapeutic process because you get to choose what you want. This helps take your mind off unhappy thoughts and makes you feel in control. So you can choose to go for wigs in the same color and style as your natural hair (if you would like to retain your normal look), or you could go for something different. The process of choosing a new wig, or new wigs, will definitely brighten up your spirits and remind you of what is waiting for you at the other end of the tunnel. To help you choose the best African American Wig, we’ve put together some helpful tips below.

Wig Style

There are so many different wig styles to choose from but you can narrow down your search to these 5 wigs below as they are some of the best out there. 

Medium Bob Human Hair | Wigs for Black Women

H JAYLYN by Elegante

  1. Short wigs

Short wigs are chic, simple and very easy to maintain. They are also great for warm or busy days as they don’t get in the way or make you feel overly hot. For your cancer journey, you can go for our short straight fringed wigs or the short bob wigs if you want something super simple and pretty. And if curly hair is your preference or you simply would like to give one a try, you will definitely like the brand Motown tress.

Short Human Hair Curly Wig | Wigs for Black Women

HPR. DAYTON by Motown Tress

  1.  Medium-length wigs

If you don’t want your hair too short or too long, medium-length wigs are great choices for you. They graze your shoulders and shield your neck without falling to your back. For lovely medium length wigs, you can go for our medium full curly wig or the wavy tresses.  

Long Straight Human Hair Blend Wig | Wigs for Black Women

HB JEWEL by Motown Tress
  1.  Long wigs

If your natural hair was kept long, it’s understandable that you’d also want a long wig. However, if your natural hair never grew long, this could be a chance for you to try out long hair. You can go bold and try out our straight blonde wig or the multi-colored layered wig and you want something simple, we’ve also got you covered with our curly brown wig and the straight black wig


  1.      Grey wigs

Grey wigs are one of the biggest wig trends at the moment. They are attractive yet partly modest and stylish. These bold wigs can help you feel daring and fearless. Some of our best grey wigs include the lace front wig and the short finger wave wig.

blonde 613 Human Hair wig | Wigs for black women
VIOLIN by Vivica Fox
  1. Bob cut wigs

If you work in a formal environment or you would like a wig that gives you that serious, bossy air, bob cut wigs are the best options. You can try out our blonde bob wigs and fringed brown bob wig

Getting the Proper Fitting for Your Wig

While the average wig size fits over 90% of women, you might want to ensure you don’t get the wrong wig size if your fall into the remaining 10%. These steps below can help you get the proper size for your head.

  • Check for adjustable straps. You can contact any of our staff to make an inquiry on this.
  • Measure your head size. To do this, measure your head’s circumference starting from the front around your ear to your neck. Write down the size and make inquiries of wig cap size before purchase.
  • Lastly, you can customize your wig to fit your personal style. 

How to ensure a wig is of good quality

At African American Wigs we only sell durable and quality wigs. However, if you would like to make sure of it, here are things to look out for when buying a quality wig.

  • It should not have a fake shine.
  • It should be soft to the touch.
  • It should not tangle.
  • The wig cap should have spaces that allow your scalp to breathe.

Our Free Wig Program

Our Free Wig Program is set up to assist and encourage women experiencing hair loss –either from cancer treatments or alopecia. You can visit our site to register for the program by filling the provided application and sharing word of it with friends and family. To fill out the application, click here!

It’s okay to feel nervous or a bit self-conscious when wearing a wig for the first time. Remember though that wigs are also one of the biggest fashion trends at the moment and basically every woman you come across on the street has a wig on. So don’t fret and wear your wig with the confidence of a queen that you are!

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