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Tips on Shopping for Wigs for Black Women

Tips on Shopping for Wigs for Black Women

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Kinky Full Lace Wig | Hairgoals Club

Popular Fall Wig Styles for Black Women [VIDEO]

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  • The best wigs for African American Women

    April 20 2019 – Ebonee Boddie

    Why We Love Wigs | African American Wigs Blog

    Why we love wigs! | African American Wigs    It’s 2019 and woman and wigs are on a whole new level. It's hard to say if this is the new it or just a drawn out trend. But wigs are the new go to. They are seen as protective styles ,safe and convenient which in a sense is true. For...

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  • Tips for thinning hair chemo african american wigs

    March 31 2019 – Barbara Snowden

    Wig Tips for Hair Loss due to Chemo | African American Wigs

    Wearing a Wig as a Cancer Patient Women who are faced with hair loss from chemotherapy or radiation treatment usually choose at least one wig style and then alternate between wearing the wig(s) with wearing hats and scarves. Most patients hair will grow back, but its thickness, texture and color may not be the exact same as it was before...

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